Villa Daphnis & Chloe

    Beautifully different, Lesvos has been spared from mass tourism and doesn’t feel like any other place in Greece. Instead, Lesvos is known for its preserved natural landscapes and positive energy. In those parts nature is still blooming and impressive, thanks to its huge freshwater tanks sitting under the volcanic rocks.

    From ancient times, Lesvos has been asource of inspiration for countless writers, musicians, artists, and philosophers such as Aristotle, the father of Biology, Theofrastus, the first Botanist, Arion the Guitarist and Sappho, the first lyric poet.

  Villa Daphnis & Chloé provides a serene haven for seminars and retreats. This charming century-old building, lovingly restored in 2010 by architect Iannis, boasts modern amenities and a warm, inviting atmosphere that evokes the feeling of a small monastery. Iannis respected the building's byzantine and Ottoman local tradition while transforming it into a modern "Retreat House," and his labor of love is evident in every detail. The villa's cozy layout fosters a close-knit family atmosphere among guests, making it the perfect place to unwind and reconnect with yourself and others.

   The villa also features various indoor and outdoor spaces for yoga practice, including an outdoor theater, an indoor practice room, a front garden, and a seaside garden with beautiful views of the Aegean Sea perfect for our sunrise yoga sessions !

    We offer single, double, and triple rooms and each of them have a bathroom and a kitchen. Everyone will also have access to the common living room and a common kitchen if needed.

    Hotel Votsala

Some of our stays take place right in front of the villa but closer to the sea, at Hotel Votsala!
A unique, cozy, family-run lodging located literally on the Aegean shore!

Managed by the super-friendly Iannis, Daphne, and Lina, the hotel offers a warm atmosphere, moonlit dinners, and optional excursions.

Experience yoga sessions overlooking the sea on the brand new wooden deck or take the 5-minute path to the Shala up in the villa on windy days.

Choose from comfortable rooms and enjoy water sports and activities such as paddleboarding, kayaking, or ping-pong.