19th ︎︎︎ 23rd

Join Léo for a 4-day Ashtanga yoga retreat at Villa Daphnis & Chloe on Lesvos!
This retreat focusses on beginners or intermediate ashtangis keen on exploring the history of Ashtanga yoga, its roots with Pattabhi Jois, and its connection to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

Each day, Léo will guide you through the Primary Series, incorporating posture modifications suitable for modern lifestyles and beginners. The sessions will include breathwork and meditation, offering a complete experience for both body and mind.

Apart from yoga, enjoy tatsty local and veggie cuisine, and venture on a scenic hike around Thermi, punctuated by pranayama pauses. An afternoon at the Spa of Gera offers treatments and therapeutic waters for relaxation.
Come and join us to grow, learn, and appreciate the beauty of Lesvos in a harmonious mix of tradition and modern adaptation.

Your Ashtanga journey starts here!

PRICES (all included)

Single room

Double Room

Triple Room

510 €

460 €

380 €